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An unfolding mystery and an alluring sensuality mark the paintings of Lisa Russo. Heavily influenced by the technique and style of the Sixteenth Century Baroque masters, her subjects vary from passionate encounters to flights of fantasy. Her strength in painting the human figure stems from her travels and extensive study of classical paintings. This talent for the anatomy gives an inner strength to her female heroines and a prowess to her male courtiers. The combination of fantasy and sensuality create an intrigue that borders on the scandalous.

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Lisa working on a performance art painting at
the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, FL.  She
completed the painting "Anticipation" in three
hours and it was auctioned off that evening.

Lisa at the Horse Fever Press Release 2011

Lisa at the Horse Fever Press release 2011 with her Horse Mask Herd Rade.


Recently completed mural for a private residance where Lisa and fellow artist Linda Happle-Zysko collaborated.



The Villages Daily Sun is covering Russo at Village View
Community Church.  She has painted seven painting for
them.  She works during their church services.


Lisa at Nude Nite in Tampa, FL
discussing The Birth of Venus.  The intrigue of the
pyramid is that it can also open up
to be a trapazoid and hang on the wall. 
Patent pending




Lisa Painting at the Leesburg Art festival 2013
Lisa Painting at the Festival of Masters at Disney.
Lisa helping to raise funds for cancer research at one of the Royal Dames functions.